Business English

Study Business English with a world-class program in your premises (in-house) or at Camelot's Executive Center.

Our center seeks to recreate the world of business in which you interact by organizing events and activities oriented to this area all along the year.

Our goal is for you to be ready to face the English-speaking world in any situation.

Program Characteristics

  Diagnostic test.

  Use of specialized texts.

  Staff of specialized and trained Peruvian and foreign teachers in the area of English teaching that have a teaching degree, master's degree, international certification and extensive experience.

  Control and continuous supervision.

  Flexible schedules.

  Certificate issued once completed and approved each level.

  Monthly report with details of studentsĀ“ attendance and grades.

  Comprehensive customer tailored solutions.

Program goals

  Improve work performance with the help of English proficiency.

  Achieve an international certification.

  Apply for international scholarships.

  Meet the requirement of knowledge of a second language for obtaining a master's degree in universities.


  Allows participants to be active and responsible subjects of their own learning.

  Use of the language interactively.

  Communication in real and more authentic way.

  Develop an adequate knowledge and use of grammatical forms.

  Develop listening comprehension and production of written texts.

  Develop reading strategies and critical analysis.

  Develop strategies for research, analysis, reflection and self-evaluation.

Levels of study

Specialized in:

  English classes in mining, oil, gas and electric camp sites.
We have extensive experience of over 24 years, giving classes nationwide in various camps (more than 25 centers).

  On-line English program.
Virtual-Face to face English Program that consist of 4 levels and whose aim is to practice the integrated skills such as: grammar, listening, vocabulary, reading and writing in any place and time, supported by a tutor.

  Immersion Program.
Practical program, designed for professionals who need to master the English language through speaking practice in a special environment and coexistence with English speakers.

  Conversation Sessions.
With native teachers specialized in the business area.

  Preparation for International Exams.
TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, CAE and others.

  Preparation Courses to pass English exams for Master's Degrees Programs.
According to the requirements of each university.

  Preparation for Interviews & Business Presentations.
Sessions designed according to customer needs.

  Simulated Telephone Conversation Sessions.
This program seeks to accustom the executive to hold telephone conversations with English speakers in real time.

New Products

Banking and Finance

English for Banking and Finance

This course has been designed for all those people who work in the areas of Finance and Banking and that have a basic knowledge of English and that need to acquire the Banking and Finance vocabulary.


English for Marketing

This course has been designed for business professionals who need to communicate confidently and effectively in English in the area of marketing, and that need to be prepared with the reading skills and vocabulary required for this field.

Customer Care

English for Customer Care

This course has been designed for customer care professionals who need to communicate effectively with their customers in English, and that need to acquire the Customer Care vocabulary in order to deal with the everyday problems and challenges that this field presents.

Sales and Purchases

English for Sales and Purchases

This course has been designed for business professionals who need to communicate confidently and effectively in English in the area of sales and purchasing, and that need to be prepared for their next negotiation-whichever side they are on.

Other services

  • Translations and Interpretations

  • Simulated Board Meetings

  • English Proficiency Assessment for job applicants.

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