World Class English

Welcome to the Legendary World of Camelot.
Our educational institution from its beginning aimed at providing a high quality service and focused on the sectors of society that required it, being these initially, the areas of Teacher Training and Business English. As time went by and during our more than 24 years of institutional life we have positioned ourselves as opinion-makers in the field of English language teaching and as social responsibility executors nationwide, being that at all times we have strived to offer our students in all sectors, a world class education, one hundred percent up to date and in line with international standards.

Why study at Camelot?

  More than 250 companies served.

  More than 24 years of experience.

  More than 3000 teachers officially certified.

  Language Center recognized by the Ministry of Education.

What do our students think?

"Some years ago, we decided, as a company, to open our doors to foreign trade, five members of our staff studied English on a daily basis at Camelot in order to have the basic tool to fulfill this objective. Camelot was the best option we had to learn English. We recommend them 100% because it is a serious company with high quality. We are very proud for having chosen them as our guide to reach the goal of improving our English, thanks to this decision we have been able to travel all around the world and today we represent over 20 companies with whom we communicate in English."
- Guillermo Flores (IVER)

"Until now, I am convinced that I could not have taken a better decision. Due to its personalized service and flexibility, Camelot's what I needed to master this language, which was very important for me."
- Paul Romero (CONCYSSA)

"I found in Camelot an ally that helped me learn and above all to express my ideas in English."

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