Teacher Training

Camelot Teacher Training Center was founded on December 27, 1991, with a vision of becoming the best Teacher Training Center for teachers in Peru.

Since its founding Camelot sought to fill the gap that the sector presented, for which it pursued to organize, develop and deliver the following programs and courses:

  Teacher Training Program (COELT). More than 3000 teachers officially certified.

  Updating Seminars and workshops for teachers.

  Annual Conventions for English teachers and coordinators.

  Language Development Program for English teachers.

  Preparation courses for International exams.

  Short courses for teachers.

Additionally and as a complement to our educational service, we offer the following services:

  Pedagogical Consulting services for schools (over 30 schools assisted).

  Specialized magazine (Peru Teachers' Network) of free distribution (more than 36 editions published-circulation 2000 copies).

  Foundation and support of Teachers Associations (APPI, SPIP, TESOL PERU).

  Other Events (Chat Cafe, Karaoke Nights, Conversation Sessions, Cinema Nights, etc.).

  Recruitment Services.

Currently Camelot Teacher Training Center continues to offer its services especially under the in-service mode to educational institutions nationwide.

Send us your request with your requirements and we will contact you gladly.

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